Transforming communities

Our methodology of Integrated Value Services and IFM towards facilitating an ‘Eco-Smart Community’, is different and incomparable to market standards and yet contributing to your bottom-line.

Greetings from ASPIRE VALUE SERVICES P LTD, a Company with a vision to make Residential & Corporate Cluster Communities into Eco-Smart Communities. ASPIRE has evolved from being a pure Concierge Services company, to create a niche in Community Value Services…now along with IFM.

ASPIRE is associated with many residential and corporate gated communities where we Aspire to provide Value Services & Products and Out of the box Concepts & Solutions to our premium customers.

ASPIRE has initiated a concept of providing Integrated Value Services and IFM in Eco-friendly and Smart ways, leading to an an Economical, Sustainable and Integral ‘Eco-Smart Community‘.





Aspire Value Services along with its partners unlock the maximum potential of corporate parks with Promotions & Advertising, while integrating various Employee Engagement & Wellness initiatives that can bring fun, vibrancy and a culture of strong corporate community within the campus

Special Products

An Investment for Life!! – FireRID

FireRID is an Automatic Fire Extinguisher, that self-bursts automatically at 84degrees and extinguishes the fire within seconds. FireRID is designed for indoor use only.

FireRID can be used in 3 ways:

1) Automatic Mode

2) Hand Grenade/ Throw in fire

3) Dilute FireRID Liquid in 10 Liters of Water

Technical data: Classes of Fire: A, B, C & E Protected area: up to 16 m³ enclosed space per unit depending of fire protection demands Operating temp: ‐20 °C to 70 °C Storage temp: ‐20 °C to 70 °C Volume: 580 ml active solution Material: Special glass (ampule), tin (holder)

Advantages: Automatic Activation Shelf Life: 10 Years Warranty: 1 year Blunt Edges Eco-Friendly Easy to use

For Hospitals, Factories, Malls, Retail chains, Homes, Offices, Data Centers etc.

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