Cleaning is a need as ancient as man. Over the Decades of Evolution man has found, researched and invented various tools for his survival and cleaning has been one of the main areas that have gained an important place in his day-to-day life.

Over the years, many new methods & processes have constantly been invented & put to practice in the cleaning industry; hence mechanized cleaning is here to stay.

To assist this evolution skilled manpower & the latest cleaning equipment have come to the aid of getting safe & quality cleaning and hence the need for service providers.

ASPIRE VALUE SERVICES P LTD, is one of the noted professional service providers in delivering safe, timely & quality cleaning with processes that are designed in compliance with National & International Standards.

Aspire for its offerings in the Specialized Cleaning sector, catering majorly to B2B segment, has created a service brand called SPECIFIX and for its B2C segment it offers services through TIDYMAN.

We have a highly experienced skilled team who will work in close co-ordination with our clients to deliver services in accordance to local & international standards upto their specifications and expectations. Also, we assure that our Services will be environment friendly and we maintain a relationship that leads to a mutual benefit and business prosperity.

We have with us…
  • A proven Track Record.
  • Team of Qualified Professionals.
  • After Service needs for Tough Conditions
  • Trained Workforce for Cleaning
  • Complete Infrastructure with latest Equipment & Tools
  • Pan India Presence.
  • Testing & Cleaning Processes without the use or minimal use of chemicals thereby reducing the Cost of Cleaning & avoid Contamination.
  • SOP’s followed as per National and International Guidelines.
                                   Applied Cleaning Services Range
  • Specialised Cleaning / Washing / Maintenance of High-Rise Apartments /Buildings/Complexes.
  • Crack Testing & Filling, Leakage Detection and Specialized Coatings for Tanks, Metal Surfaces, Concrete and Stone.
  • Cleaning of Water Storage Tanks, Fire Hydrant Tanks, ETP Tanks etc., made of Concrete, Steel, Plastic, PVC…
  • Facade Cleaning, Structural Glass/ Aluminium Claddings.
  • Internal Duct Cleaning, Internal Access Areas, External Elevations and their Internal Access.
  • Parking Areas and landscapes, Aprons, Basements, Bays etc.
  • Swimming Pools & Surrounding Areas.
  • Water Fountains, Water Facades & Decorated Ponds
  • Removal of Moss, Algae, Ferns & Dirt from walls.
  • Cleaning of Heritage & Stone clad buildings.


Project implemented using Very Safe cradle systems that are customized for use as per building contours.

Cradle system deployment certified as per safety norms before start of work. Personnel are uniformed with required harnesses, helmets and other PPEs.

We use Water jet machines with the right pressure to ensure the building is free of fungi and deposited dirt…to give it a new look!

Sometimes, there might be a need of touch up of paint required which is executed by Aspire’s team as well

Survey – Consult – Present POA – Confirm – Execute – Review


Contaminated water is the most common cause of illness to mankind. Around 60% of diseases caused to humans are water-borne with children below 5 years more susceptible. One of the most usual ways, water getting contaminated is through water storage tanks, the cleaning of which is either neglected or done by inappropriate means like the services of a local plumber or sweeper are engaged.

Though Water Purifiers form an integral part in every home, they are not maintained in effective working condition as regular maintenance and cleaning of filters are required. A clean water source enhances the life of the components of water purifiers, making them more effective.

In addition to drinking, water is used for other household chores like cooking, washing & bathing. If the input water is not clean, we can still be exposed to water borne diseases which can cause infections, body disorders in humans and also damage expensive equipment like washing machines, Dish washers etc. This is tedious and time consuming and hence suppliers offer contract services to maintain these units. However, the frequency of cleaning usually depends on its use and hence, at times water quality can be compromised.

In today’s scenario, the water supplied is normally by the Municipal Corporation or from Bore wells dug deep into the ground. Many areas, where there is no access to water, water is received by Tankers. Large quantities of clean water will be required to clean and treat storage tanks and tankers before they can be used to store water. Hence, the quality of water from either or both the suppliers do tend to get mixed, changing the characteristics of water content. Therefore, comprehensive cleaning is required periodically, which will help to avoid Water Contamination.

Services for residential & commercial premises

Nanotechnology Enabled Coatings

Vetro Power, from Trifli Technologies, our partners, provide a range of extremely powerful & high performing nanotechnology enabled coatings for use across various surfaces.
Protective capabilities range across the applied surface, but generally create an invisible, superhydrophobic (water repellent), oleophobic, non-stick surface with an easy-to-clean substrate that protects against damage from water, oil, pollution, dirt, dust, grease, chemicals, rust and environmental degradation.
Liquids form into beads and roll off the surface taking any dirt particles and foreign mater along with it. Surplus contaminants can be easily washed off with water or a damp cloth, with no requirement for abrasive cleaning, solvents, devices or intensive maintenance.
Coated materials last longer, require less cleaning and result in a dramatic cost savings. Surfaces will exhibit highly anti-bacterial, UV resistant properties as well.
Vetro Power products are gradual improvements of the current market norm products being used today, with the potential to alter the status quo for both private, professional and industrial use.
Creates Anti-Graffiti / Anti-Corrosion / Anti-Foul for Non-Absorbent Surfaces
Applications : Fabric & Leather | Glass & Ceramics | Wood & Timber | Metal & Steel | Car polish & Sealant | Stone & Concrete | Solar Panel Protection | Moisture protection on electricals