When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘WE’… Even Illness becomes Wellness!!!

VIGOR is an initiative by Aspire Value Services to deliver a range of WELLNESS Concepts, Services and Products.

VIGOR range includes Online & Offline Lifestyle Events and Awareness Programs | Wellness Products | Competitions and Services


VIGOR for Corporates

Healthy Employees are Important to the Health of your Business!!

Our Concept creates a Healthy Workplace…

Corporate Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Index by our partners, is a groundbreaking initiative that will help employers identify potential areas of concern for their employees and plan solutions for healthy workplaces. This health index captures the current health status of employees, maps risk factors, records most pressing health priorities and monitors progress towards wellbeing.

The program helps the employees to cope with environmental and workplace
pressures, increases productivity and improves staff retention rates. It considers various lifestyle, dietary habits and health factors into consideration including personal and family medical history, nutrition, stress, biometrics and exercise habits. Using scientific guidelines for optimal health our team of nutritionists provide a complete health and lifestyle assessment with solutions to transform health.

VIGOR Wellness Products

“Get Savings on Non-Mediclaimable Expenditure”

Healthism vision is to make healthcare accessible and affordable for every Indian. Healthism is a health and wellness aggregator platform and through its subscription plans it helps people save on expenditure made at our network Partners. The fundamental idea behind the product is “Savings on Non-Mediclaimable Expenditure” i.e. expenses for which we do not receive any reimbursements /cash less facilities from health insurance companies.

  • 74,000 Touch Points (arguably one of the largest in India with strong presence in west and rest of India.
  • Hyperlocal Model (Tie-Up with the small/neighbourhood Medical Service provider in addition to the national level players)
  • Wide Category of Tie-Ups (Dental, Optical, Pharmacy in addition to Diagnostic Centres, Path Labs)
  • On boarded Wellness services (Trichology, Nutrition, Fitness, Gym) in addition to HealthCare
  • One card for one family concept
  • No upper limit of discounts
  • Can be used any number of times throughout the year

Range of Health Supplements from Nutricharge

For Essential Daily Supplements, Immunity, Better Eye Sight, Joint pains, Pre-Diabetics, Vitamins, Proteins, Weight loss….and more